Real-Time Alerts Reduce Collisions

Retrofit your vehicles with Mobileye collision avoidance

Take a Proactive Approach to Collisions

The system continuously monitors the road ahead and utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze potential hazards.When a threat is detected, Mobileye warns with both visual and audio alerts.

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More Than Just a Collision Avoidance System

Technology you can trust

Mobileye technology is integrated into over 300 new car models from leading auto manufacturers. With our retrofit system you too can enjoy the safety benefits of this technology without having to purchase new fleet vehicles.

City planning

Mobileye’s Shield+ gives city officials insight into where collisions are likely to occur, letting them take preemptive action.

Improves driving behavior

Driving with the system installed, drivers become more aware of their behavior and naturally begin to adopt safer driving habits.

Affordable & cost-effective

Reducing collisions with Mobileye can save money on repairs and subsequent insurance premiums. Typically, fleet managers see a return on investment within 12 months.


Global automakers rely on Mobileye technology to make their vehicles safer


Vehicles are equipped with Mobileye technology

Beyond anything I expected to get from Mobileye- I thought it would help improve us, but the results have been dramatic. Mobileye is truly a lifesaving device. We believe every vehicle on the road should be equipped with it.

Neal Kalish
President and Owner of Ambu-Trans Ambulette

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